Annual Solar and Storage Interconnection Data Shows a Record Year in 2022

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Complete 2022 interconnection data has now been released. It demonstrates that California consumers installed more solar and storage than ever before last year. Click market data slides to view more.

The overall capacity for behind-the-meter solar was 2080 MW, with 1716 MW allocated to residential users and 364 MW allocated to commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients. This was a minor step back for commercial solar across the state, but a significant stride forward for home solar. It amounts to a 75% increase over the 2016-2020 average.

Annual Solar Interconnections
Annual Solar Interconnections

The total number of systems is also astounding. In 2022, more than a quarter million customers will have installed solar. That is the equivalent of a system every two minutes, every day of the year.

Customers in California installed 262 MW of energy storage, about the same as the previous year. The business market expanded by 43% to 48 MW, while the residential sector contracted by 9% to 215 MW. 36,000 consumers had batteries installed by us. These figures are for final connectivity and do not include freshly contracted commercial projects with lengthy development processes.

Annual Storage Interconnections
Annual Storage Interconnections

Cumulative installations of behind-the-meter energy storage systems have topped 1 GW and are growing at a rate of 22 MW per month.

Last year, a total of 2400 contractors installed at least one solar system, with 920 companies installing at least one storage system. Residential solar systems were installed by 197 contractors, and commercial solar systems were installed by 72 firms.

Congratulations on the excellent job. Passing 2 GW of solar in a single year and exceeding 1 GW of cumulative storage are tremendous accomplishments. 





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