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whole home backup

iCan® NetZero+: An ESS for Real Whole Home Backup

In the renewable market, plenty of better-known products may not provide supportive power for whole home backup when they meet power outages, and the rated power is insufficient to contain the whole home's electricity consumption, for example, Enpha…

Nov 29, 2022 Learn more

What is distributed energy resource (DER)?

What is distributed energy resource (DER)? Distributed energy resources (DER) refers to often smaller generation units that are located on the consumer's side of the meter.   What are the samples for a DER? - Roof top solar pho…

Nov 11, 2022 Learn more

Why Choose POMCube iCAN® NetZero+ for Energy Storage?

Preface Why does POMCube produce iCAN® NetZero+? Did you know that over the past 30 years, the global climate has continued to grow at 50% per year? Homeowners are becoming more conscious of ecologically sound development, and people are more …

Nov 03, 2022 Learn more

What exactly does a smart service panel or smart load bring to homeowners?

Other than ensuring that some of the heavy appliances cannot be powered by batteries when the power is cut off, we can't think of any other value for the time being. The irony is that, compared to the pricy tag to get a smart service panel installed…

Aug 26, 2022 Learn more

Why battery storage can be demanded while having a feedback connection

The battery storage is like a bucket, its main function is to solve the problem of the mismatch between the generation and the consumption rate. When the generated power is greater than the electricity demand, the battery will be charged. When t…

Sep 05, 2022 Learn more

Do we really need 200A electrical service? POMCube is the answer for you

According to the POMCube understands,Most of the new housing built after 2000 has 200A of electricity access, but do we really need 200A? Many homes built in the 1970s don't necessarily have a lot fewer appliances than those homes built after 2000…

Aug 24, 2022 Learn more

POMCube iCAN® NetZero+ – Hybrid System with Grid-Tied Inverter

Hybrid system iCAN® NetZero+ with grid-connected inverter,More Power & More Energy During Sunlight Hours,Higher Inrush Current.Adding a grid-tied inverter can help meet more demand during sunlight hours. Why does the hybrid inverter, to which…

Aug 26, 2022 Learn more