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PV Trends: First decline in polysilicon inventory in two years

Polysilicon prices are now trending "significantly lower" after months of high prices. PV InfoLink says this is the first decline in polysilicon inventory in two years. In October, PV InfoLink predicted polysilicon prices would drop from around CNY …

Dec 02, 2022 Learn more

What You Should Know about the PV and Storage Changes in the 2022 California Energy Code?

The California Energy Commission (CEC) updates the Energy Code every three years. On August 11, 2021, the CEC, with support from CALSSA, approved the 2022 California Energy Code, which sets the building standards for new construction. While the appr…

Nov 25, 2022 Learn more

Large parts of U.S. and Canada are at risk of insufficient power supplies during the extreme winter in 2022

A large portion of North America and Canada face elevated reliability risks this winter, except the extreme weather, more importantly, driven by factors such as higher peak demand and power plant retirements NERC, North America’s grid reliabi…

Nov 15, 2022 Learn more

NPUC partnered with Visual Capitalist to create the Decarbonization Channel

NPUC (National Public Utilities Commission), which has 1,000 municipal electric utility members, recently partnered with Visual Capitalist to create the Decarbonization Channel. The channel provides guidance for achieving net zero goals in the U.S. …

Nov 15, 2022 Learn more

Canada introduces 30% refundable investment tax credits for energy storage

Canada’s government will introduce tax incentives for clean energy technologies, including solar PV, battery storage, and hydrogen. The decision, which was made public by Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland as part of Canada's Fall Economic…

Nov 10, 2022 Learn more

Deadline for SolarAPP+ Prize Program

SOLARAPP+ NEWSLETTER Deadline for SolarAPP+ Prize Program is November 4th, October 2022   Updates & Adoption - 25 communities are using SolarAPP+, with 11,554 permits issued across 177 contractors - Dublin, CA is the newest c…

Nov 01, 2022 Learn more
This House Runs Entirely on DC Power

Nano-grid home runs solely on DC power

A team of researchers at Purdue University is retrofitting a 1920s home to run completely on DC. A 1920s-era home in West Lafayette, Indiana, has been converted to run entirely on direct current (DC) power. Graduate students live in the house ful…

Oct 28, 2022 Learn more

Texas grid operator urges electricity conservation as heat wave drives up demand

The state’s grid operator asked that Texans voluntarily reduce their power use on Monday as the blistering heat continues — and said no rolling blackouts are expected this week. Employees monitor the state power grid at the ERCOT command center i…

Sep 05, 2022 Learn more

Batteries Helping Build the Next Generation of Solar Use

In the 2020s solar power enjoys a dual status in the global energy market. It’s at once a technology available for mainstream use today, while also being widely regarded as the technology of the future. This dynamic may appear simple at first, but i…

Sep 05, 2022 Learn more

US Navy aims for 100% carbon-free electricity by 2030

“Climate change is one of the most destabilizing forces of our time, exacerbating other national security concerns and posing serious readiness challenges,” said Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro, in announcing the target. Camp Pendleton is g…

Sep 05, 2022 Learn more

U.S. wind and solar surpass nuclear for the first time

During the first four months of 2022, electrical generation by renewable energy sources accounted for over 25% of the nation’s electricity. In April alone, renewables accounted for 29.3% — an all-time high. And for the first time ever, the co…

Sep 05, 2022 Learn more