Aug 26, 2022

Live Demo

Live Demo

Do you want to learn more about solar energy storage system through the function of the app? Here are 9 real devices for you to operate, covering several application situations, that will help you understand the product better.

So how to check these demos?

1. You should download the iCAN® iCAN® NetZero+ APP.

2. Click the button to create an account below.

3. Click the “+” button and ready to scan the QR code.

You can enter the device SN for adding the devices. Click the “others” button for adding the devices to the system. Now, You can check out the data and manage the system on a real device.

Scan QR Code

Demo 2004-000

SN: AA-60-2004-00-0000-000

Demo 2004-001

SN: AA-60-2004-00-0000-001

Demo 2004-003

SN: AA-60-2004-00-0000-003

Demo 2004-004

SN: AA-60-2004-00-0000-004

Demo 2012-100(Meter Zero)

SN: AA-70-2012-00-0000-100

Demo 2107-200(Parallel)

SN: AA-70-2107-00-0000-200

Demo 2107-201(Parallel)

SN: AA-70-2107-00-0000-201

Demo 2107-300(Stacking-Up)

SN: AA-70-2107-00-0000-300

Demo 2107-301(Stacking-Up)

SN: AA-70-2107-00-0000-301