Aug 26, 2022

POMCube iCAN® NetZero+ – Hybrid System with Grid-Tied Inverter

POMCube iCAN® NetZero+ – Hybrid System with Grid-Tied Inverter

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When the electricity consumption is greater than the energy generated, the missing part of the energy will come from the battery storage, so the energy stored in the battery will drop.

Hybrid system iCAN® NetZero+ with grid-connected inverter,More Power & More Energy During Sunlight Hours,Higher Inrush Current.Adding a grid-tied inverter can help meet more demand during sunlight hours.

Why does the hybrid inverter, to which the photovoltaic panel is directly connected, need to be equipped with an AC coupled grid-connected inverter? There are several reasons we can think of:

The power demand, during the sunlight hours, is very substantial or the inrush current is so demanding that one single hybrid inverter is not enough to meet the demand profile.

POMCube iCAN® NetZero+, therefore, add a grid-tied inverter, regardless of string inverter or microinverters, and a few more PV panels so that additional flow of energy from the grid-tied inverter can cover a portion of the demand while the remaining is handled by the hybrid inverter. However, during the day, if the energy consumption stops, this extra energy will fill up the battery very rapidly. Therefore, such a design should be the best application scenario when there is a continuous demand for electricity during the sunshine hours. For such applications, more than half of the PV panels should be connected to this newly added grid-tied inverter. The purpose of the remaining directly connected photovoltaic panels is to fill the battery and support the power demand that the grid-tied inverter cannot otherwise meet.

A hybrid inverter Battery is added to an existing solar installation. More PV panels are added to the system along with the battery storage.

Customers who already enjoy NEM1 or NEM2 can still get preferential rate plan protection (grandfathering) by adding battery energy storage systems. Currently, a 10% increase on the original system does not require a new approval for the interconnection agreement (hopefully to 50% or more in the near future). Therefore, when installing the battery storage, you can consider adding a certain number of new photovoltaic panels at the same time, thereby supporting EV charging or the use of a Heat Pump.

As to the question of how many PV panels are connected to the hybrid inverter and how many are connected to the grid-tied inverter, we suggest analyzing your energy pattern. If you are a convenience store that runs a dozen of glass door merchandiser refrigerators, you may wanna allocate more PV panels to the grid-tied inverter(s). Otherwise, you should maximize the number of PV panels connected directly to the hybrid inverter.

The POMCube team has advanced technologies and concepts such as independent research and development, independent innovation, Internet security, energymanagement, intelligent control and big data analysis. Through professional knowledge, it helps users create an energy-saving energy reuse system,save electricity costs, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce Greenhouse effect.

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