Sep 13, 2022

POMCube – We are shaping the renewable energy world.

POMCube – We are shaping the renewable energy world.

POMCube was established in California, the United States, in October 2014. POMCube has achieved the professional solar energy storage supplier for many off-grid customers in America.

Innovation is the core of POMCube. As a professional solar energy storage product and solution provider, we have many core technologies and independent intellectual property rights based on distributed storage technology. On top of that, POMCube filed 18 patent applications with the effort of the whole R&D team. Moreover, we sealed five proprietary technologies with legal effect and priority in filing U.S. patent rights.

POMCube has self-developed EMS, BMS, PCS/MPPT, and DOMS, which are the core technologies of the solar energy storage. POMcube also has completed cloud EMS, and user APP, supporting all kinds of parallel off-grid applications. We are creating an open ecosystem for you with a completed area micro network trading and switching system.

POMCube has published distributed cloud storage management platform — iCAN OSS, and off-grid mode iCAN NetZero, iCAN Mini storage equipment. Meanwhile, we are actively promoting the application and coverage of D.C. microgrids for home use, hierarchical blockchain structure and power flow management around the world. We aim to Reshape the energy structure and create a clean energy future for your life by letting most of the family to use our iCan NetZero+ solar energy storage system.

The mission of POMCube is to change the style of using energy. Particularly by decreasing the use of fossil fuel energy and making people easy to use the renewable energy. With these hopes, POMCube decides to integrate energy storage into our lives and strive to build a clean world.