Sep 06, 2022



Looking back at POMCube from its inception, we have been through a lot. We have encountered different challenges and difficulties, but of course, we gained a lot. We shall not forget the excitement when we break through many obstacles. We shall not forget the excitement when our products are successfully developed and announced to the market. We shall not forget the pride when we are recognized by our customers. All these years we keep offering reliable energy-storing products and solutions to our customers.

We attach great importance to R&D investment, 70% of our team is made up of R&D experts, and the R&D department is the one that spends the most every year. Over the past years, we have continued to innovate and develop reliable energy-storing products according to market trends and policies.



In recent years, POMCube has developed a powerful global sales network, particularly in the American continent.

We are also aware of the importance of branding. Therefore, a skilled marketing team is focusing on brand development to increase the recognition. Since the inception of POMCube, we have accumulated a significant customer base and have successfully completed a series of projects, both residential and commercial. Thus, quality products and services has earned us a good reputation.

POMCube has been encouraging the efficient use of clean energy while offering our consumers a whole house backup solution with more accessible and affordable solutions. We never stop.