Sep 05, 2022

POMCube energy storage system(ESS)

POMCube energy storage system(ESS)

We offer you a State-of-Art Energy Storage System (ESS)

Building the easiest ESS to install is the #1 goal for POMCube.

1.True 400V Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)

The advantages of the high voltage lithium iron phosphate battery include its longer lifespan, no maintenance, extreme safety, light weight, and superior efficiency in both discharge and charge.

These attributes guarantee POMCube ESS’s dependability, security, high efficiency, and comfort to the user.

2.Whole home backup: More power & Higher storage capacity, powerful ESS for millions of  homes in north America and Caribbean Islands

ESS with 20kWh / 12.5kVA can offer you true whole home backup.

• 20 kWh battery capacity, usable 18.5 kWh.

• 12.5kVA continuous output power, 21 kVA peak power.

• 100A pass through, two units in parallel can support 200A whole home backup.

• Scalable up to 4 units, 80kWh and continuous 200A.

• Go Off-Grid today!!

3. True all-in-one:

The superior ESS is highly integrated with devices like transfer switch, AC/DC Disconnect as well as gateway etc. POMCube iCAN® NetZero+ can readily connect with solar panels, grid, generator, external rectifier, as well as your load center(s) etc. You can finish your installation neatly and quickly without installing extra disconnect, gateway and grid tied inverters.

4.Intelligence to help you meet the demands from your homeowner customers

• TOU Arbitrage

• Excessive energy to grid (Earning NEW credits)

• Self-sufficiency

• No export (meter-zero)

• Smart load management


To minimize the energy cost, the above functions can be implemented authoritatively by EMS in a smart and efficient way according to the solar production, battery SOC, and grid situation.

5.iCAN®NetZero APP and OSS Web Portal

Monitor and manage your iCAN® NetZero+ from anywhere in the world. Program your iCAN® NetZero+ for self-sufficiency, protection from power outages, or to maximize savings.

Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G LTE and over-the-air updates for easy configuration.

Dedicated access to POMCube OSS for prompt service. You can fix problems before your customers know them.