Sep 06, 2022

Quick and easy installation

Quick and easy installation


The ESS consists of LiFePO4 battery modules, hybrid inverter and battery cabinet. Each LiFePO4 battery module is less than 50 lbs, meeting OSHA recommendation during Single-person operation.

Plug-and-play design, No wiring internally

With unique design for installation, battery modules can be installed by the way of “ plug and play” needless of internal wiring of battery modules, which is quicker and safe.

Easy external wiring and few outer devices are required

Thanks to the highly integration of this All in one ESS, the external wiring and installation of internal components can be completed very rapidly. Furthermore, no extra expense on elevating tools or other equipment. Never have you worried about matching battery with 3rd party inverters nor maneuvering 2/0 cables to have MID installed.

● Make your job site neat with less equipment