Sep 06, 2022

Services for installers

Services for installers


The technical team at POMCube will offer you professional and practical training courses if you choose to be one of our partners.

• Products training

• Installation training

• Sales training to help you win more homeowner customers

Tech support

As a partner of POMCube, we are proud to provide you with service call, online technical assistance, technical documents, and engineering design services as part of our commitment to you.

• Online tech assistance

• Engineering design services

• Tech documents

• Service call on ZOOM, WhatsApp or regular phone

Marketing service

POMCube marketing will offer you marketing services for our partners. It includes end-user suggestions, assistance with marketing collateral, and online marketing advice.

• Sales leads from homeowners interested in getting battery installed

• Marketing material support

• Online marketing advice

Finance guidance

• POMCube has already cooperated with O°Sungage and Mosaic, while cooperation with Loan Pal, Good Leap, Sun Light Financial and most importantly Sunova is under discussion. POMCube is doing its best to provide you with maximum financial assistance and make business easier!