Solar and storage provides energy solution for South Australian town Willliam Creek

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After flipping the switch on a 200 kW PV array that removes the need for diesel generation, the remote town of William Creek in outback South Australia is now powered completely by solar backed by a battery energy storage system.


William Creek, situated halfway along the renowned Oodnadatta Track about nine hours north of Adelaide, has switched from diesel to solar generation, lowering the town’s energy costs with no capital outlay. Only 50 people live in William Creek, which serves as the entrance to the Simpson Desert, but it welcomes about 26,000 visitors annually. Previously, the town was entirely dependent on diesel generation, but it is now powered by a 200 kW ground-mounted solar panel and a 280 kWh battery energy storage system.

Solar and storage provides energy solution for South Australian town, Willliam Creek
Willliam Creek, by William Creek Hotel

Juice Capital, which financed the project as part of a long-term commercial power purchase agreement (PPA), the off-grid system, which came online in November 2022, has helped the town’s goal of becoming self-sufficient and sustainable while considerably lowering its power bill.


According to Dan Howard, Commercial Sales Manager at Juice Capital, the town’s prior diesel-generated power cost about $1.20 per kWh. The town now pays $0.287 per kWh for energy. “We are really proud of this project as it has bridged a gap between the outback and grid-connected towns,” he said. “Communities like William Creek have been left to fend for themselves when it comes to delivering their own energy. To power a town like this using only diesel was expensive. They now have an option.”


The “sheer remoteness” of the location was one of the major challenges connected with the William Creek project, , according to Howard. “William Creek is one of the most remote communities in Australia,” he said. “There is over 300 kilometres of dirt road to get there.”


Juice Capital will own, operate, and maintain the solar and battery power plant on behalf of William Creek for the life of the asset, which is part of the expanding portfolio in Australia.


Howard said the company’s solutions include solar systems, grid energy, storage and emerging energy technologies. “Our customers are SME’s, farmers, hospitality, and a broad range of service businesses,” he said. “We help business reduce their carbon footprint, save money and work toward their net zero goals without the use of their own capital.”

Energy Storage System
Energy Storage System


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