Sep 08, 2022

True all in one

True all in one

iCAN® NetZero+ integrated the hybrid inverter and battery into one unit and realize real all-in-one. POMCube combines the solar charger, battery, storage inverter, transfer switch and AC shutoff switches into the energy storage system (ESS).

Multi connection

Directly connect a generator

Built in generator port allows you to easily connect your permanent or portable generator.

AC & DC Couple adaptation

Normally, iCAN® NetZero+ connects to solar panels directly with its integrated inverter. It can also connect with the inverter of existing grid-tied solar system directly.

Connect to the grid

Multiple configurations allow you to sell electricity back into the grid, maximize savings or conserve power for back up protection.

Electric Vehicles Charger (EVs Charger)

EV charger can be directly connected to the iCAN® NetZero+.

Clean, Simple, Elegant Installation

Due to the highly integrated all-in-one design, installations are cleaner and neater.