Aug 26, 2022

What exactly does a smart service panel or smart load bring to homeowners?

What exactly does a smart service panel or smart load bring to homeowners?

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When the electricity consumption is greater than the energy generated, the missing part of the energy will come from the battery storage, so the energy stored in the battery will drop.

Other than ensuring that some of the heavy appliances cannot be powered by batteries when the power is cut off, we can’t think of any other value for the time being. The irony is that, compared to the pricy tag to get a smart service panel installed, it does not allow users to get more energy, nor does power more appliances. Conversely, with slightly more money, if we use it to buy additional batteries, photovoltaic panels, or even just add a grid-tied inverter, we are able to increase the operating hours of the battery system or use more appliances within daylight hours, or activate appliances with greater power demand, such as central air conditioning.

We, therefore, think that blocking is not the best way. Just like dealing with floods, you should focus on diversion, but raise the embankment to prevent overflow, because you always have situations that you can’t prevent. Similarly, load management should focus on channelizing. If most of the electricity demand comes from the daylight hours, the most economical way is to add an additional photovoltaic inverter. If there is a surplus or available credit line, you can add some more batteries, and then replace the additional grid-tied inverter with an energy storage inverter. The best way is to use two parallel energy storage systems to provide a complete whole home backup. Not only does it support the operation of larger appliances, but it also doubles the battery capacity at the same time, so that after the grid is interrupted, the battery can run more appliances until the sun rises again.

The best way to counter the rising inflation is to invest in assets that can bring investment returns higher than what the inflation can dilute. The smart panel will not bring any return but an extra battery ESS and PV panel will enable you to buy energy in the next 10 ~ 15 years at the discounted rate today.

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