Sep 08, 2022

Whole home backup

Whole home backup

POMCube iCAN® NetZero+ provides reliable whole home backup power, homeowners do not need to worry about power outages.

High Power

POMCube iCAN® NetZero+ outputs 12.5 kVA of continuous power, 21kVA peak output power for 10 seconds and 100A pass through current. A pair of iCAN® NetZero+ can support 200A whole home backup and power off grid to your central air condition units, well pumps and EVs.

High Capacity

The iCAN® NetZero+ has enough capacity to run your whole home for longer. While iCAN® NetZero+ uses with solar panels, maintaining the continuous power supply for critical household appliances under the case of utility power failure.

iCAN® NetZero+ can be stacked up to 4 units, 80kWh. Each storage system can reach up to 200kWh of capacity if you use our iCAN® Mega. It maximizes the continuous use of whole-house electrical appliances in the event of a power outage, supporting an independent, safe, clean renewable energy living style.