Aug 25, 2022

Company Profile

About POMCube

POMCube was created in 2014 because the founders believed the transformation of the power network would be very similar to what we have experienced in the past 20 years on the information networks. We believe soon the transmission network will become simple and very fast (in terms of capacity). We believe the intelligence will be distributed to the edge of the networks and extensive energy storage, just like buffering on INTERNET, will be used to balance the supply and demand. We believe appliances will soon be powered by Direct Current as opposed to the AC power that is sourced from the power networks and locally produced energy will be more affordable than that we purchase from the utility networks. We believe soon we will be able to power the entire world purely with renewable energy but the fossil counterparts.

POMCube realizes that many parts of the world cannot produce electricity on their own and therefore the grid networks are still extremely important to bring energy from renewable sources such as solar farms or offshore wind generators. We, therefore, develop every component, other than battery cells, for a battery storage system so that energy can be stored when the sun shines or the wind blows. Unlike many of competitors, we build PCS, BMS, EMS, IoT platforms, and cloud-based operating support systems (OSS) all by our own R&D engineers.

POMCube knows the only way to compete with existing energy effectively is through higher conversion efficiency and a shorter path between consumers and factories. We, therefore, insist high voltage battery system (>= 400V) so that the highest conversion efficiency can be achieved. We constantly explore new technologies, such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN), that can be used to reduce the cost of inverters often known as PCS for battery storage. POMcube is finding every possible way to shorten the path so that more home and business owners can use DER to produce their own energy very affordably.

POMCube is set to become the foundry of the battery storage systems so that many of our partners can focus on efficiently matching the supply and demand. Our goal is to reduce of the cost energy so as to speed up the energy transition into carbon-free energy infrastructure. POMCube cannot achieve this goal alone itself and, therefore, we welcome partners throughout the world to join us make this ambitious goal a reality.

Team & Achievements

Abilities are what illuminate innovation

In our opinion, abilities are what illuminate innovation. We admire the talents and achievements of every member and hope that we advance together and create more value. We have a core group of 70% R&D engineers with more than 40 specialists and decades of combined experience in Power Electronics, computer algorithm including the MPPT used for PV charging, load/demand management with respect to usage prediction (AI), IOT, Lithium battery technologies, Internet security, network optimization, data analysis, electrical vehicle charging, heat pump & variable speed controller (VFD), as well as statistical multiplexing. We own 6 innovation patents, 20 patents and copyright and more invention patents are pending.

Affordable & Accessible

To make high-quality energy storage goods accessible to everyone at a price that is as low as possible, enabling everyone to experience the more intelligent use of energy.

Mission & Vision

As we move forward, our goal is to create a safer, more reliable, and smarter home energy solution.

adhering to the concept of “Power the world for free”, to create value for everyone.

By utilizing POMCube’s solar energy storage devices, you and POMCube can create a cleaner living environment.