Dec 22, 2022

Energy storage and EV charging are becoming a natural pairing

Energy storage and EV charging are becoming a natural pairing

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When the electricity consumption is greater than the energy generated, the missing part of the energy will come from the battery storage, so the energy stored in the battery will drop.


With the rapid development of Electrical vehicles (EV), energy storage in EV charging remains a promising emerging market with significant growth; high grid electricity costs are the strongest driver for pairing EV chargers with energy storage systems. Pairing EV charging with energy storage systems can reduce users’ electricity expenses and alleviate the problem of citizens’ electricity tension. However, pairing EV charging with energy storage systems is still a market challenge.


The advantages of paring energy storage and EV charging


Reduce cost and become energy self-sufficiency

According to the California Government Driveclean project, the gird electricity cost of an EV charger for residents is 30 cents per kWh in California. As an example, an EV with a range of 150 miles will cost about $12 to be fully charged. However, if the EV charger can pair with the energy storage system and connect to solar panels, residents can avoid paying high electricity bills to the grid every month to charge the EV by only spending on solar panels, EV charging and energy storage system. Therefore, residents realize energy self-sufficiency in charging EVs.

Energy storage and EV charging are becoming a natural pairing
Energy storage and EV charging are becoming a natural pairing

Market challenges

Firstly, there is a concern about estate Energy storage systems at charging stations in dense urban areas will increase the risk of the fire safety hazard. Secondly, it is a common commercial belief that adding Energy storage system products will increase the complexity of the installation and capex of the facilities, which may require a series of installation operations such as wiring during the installation and other equipment. Finally, the biggest challenge for energy storage systems is that the AC and DC chargers have not been installed with storage. However, the POMCube iCAN® NetZero+ energy storage system is well-prepared to respond to these market challenges.


The advantages of NZ+


Safety – Safe battery material + comprehensive protection mechanism

The LiFePO4 batteries used in iCAN® NetZero+ have excellent thermal and chemical stability. When there is a short circuit or mishandling during rapid charge or discharge, LiFePO4 batteries always stay cool. In addition, the LiFePO4 cathode will not occur burnt, explode or thermal runaway if the battery overcharges or overheats. Furthermore, NetZero+ contains Over Temperature Protection, Over Current Protection, and DC Reverse Polarity Protection Insulation Monitoring. The excellent thermal and chemical stability and various protection mechanism of LiFePO4 battery guarantee safety and reduce the risk of fire safety hazards for users during EV charging.


Easy installation – High integrated + Plug-in design

iCAN® NetZero+ is an all-in-one product with high integration which combines a hybrid inverter, battery, PCS, transfer switch and AC shutoff switches in one device. The installers do not need to purchase an inverter that is compatible with the iCAN® NetZero+ and additional components during installation, and no extra space is taken up by adding other equipment, which also avoids hidden costs. Moreover, two installers can complete the installation in less than two hours by plugging the battery into the battery cabinet with NetZero+ plug-in design, eliminating wiring steps for installers.


Direct connection – AC and DC chargers installed with storage

The high power of iCAN® NetZero+ can connect with an EV charger directly. iCAN® NetZero+ converts the energy collected by solar panels into alternating current (AC) and then charges the car through an AC EV charger directly connected to iCAN® NetZero+. In addition, energy storage systems and direct current (DC) EV charging can also be directly connected. Major energy storage companies are investigating how to equip the next generation of energy storage systems with DC charging functions to provide a highly integrated, efficient and fast home EV charging solution.


The POMCube team possesses cutting-edge technologies and concepts such as independent R&D, independent innovation, Internet security, energy management, intelligent control, and big data analysis. We provide our customers with cost-effective energy storage systems that reduce the  electricity bills and make self-sufficiency. Meanwhile, with the solar energy and solar battery, it is possible to effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lessen the greenhouse effect.




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