Optimized Solar Battery Recharging System for Your Household

Experience POMCube's enhanced solar battery recharging system, transforming household energy management with cutting-edge technology.

Navigate Uncertainty with Confidence

Safeguard your home and family during blackouts using POMCube’s energy storage solutions. As the aging utility grid becomes more susceptible to extreme weather and power outages, our reliable, clean energy systems empower you to maintain a secure and functional household.

Gain Control Over Your Energy

POMCube’s energy storage system empowers you to manage fluctuating energy costs, ensuring power when it’s needed most. While the future of utility electric rates and power outages remains uncertain, you can rely on the sun’s daily rise. Seize control of your electricity expenses and secure your energy needs both now and in the future.

Overcome Unstable Energy Grids

Harness the advantages of solar-powered batteries with POMCube’s energy storage system, extending benefits beyond your home. By consuming more clean energy from your solar panels, you can reduce reliance on fossil fuels and shrink your carbon footprint. Contribute to a cleaner, safer future by embracing a smarter energy grid, starting today.

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Solar Battery Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Battery Storage

  • How much energy can a solar battery store?

    The amount of energy a solar battery can store depends on its capacity, which is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). The POMCube iCAN NetZero Plus is of 20kWh, and the iCAN Mega is of 39.9/49.9 kWh.

  • Can a solar battery power my home during a power outage?

    A solar battery can power a home during a power outage as long as it has enough capacity to meet the energy demands of critical loads.

  • How do I choose the right solar battery for my system?

    Choosing the right solar battery depends on factors such as the size of the solar panel system, daily energy usage, and the desired energy backup capacity. Please contact POMCube, and we will provide you with a customized solution that will maximize your rooftop energy usage.

  • Can iCAN® NetZero+ supports 100A pass through?


  • How can I monitor and manage my iCAN® NetZero+ energy storage system?

    The iCAN® NetZero App and OSS Web Portal allow you to remotely monitor and manage your iCAN® NetZero+ system, providing easy configuration options and real-time insights into your energy usage and system performance.

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