How to avoid the faulty wiring installation of Surestart? – the wiring installation instructions of Surestart

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SureStart is an electronic software-driven soft starter designed and manufactured by Hyper Engineering. SureStart is an excellent solution to the problem of high currents at the moment of compressor or motor startup. SureStart significantly reduces starting current, typically up to 70%, and provides full startup torque to the compressor and motor. It will eliminate light flicker, reduce starting noise and extend the lifespan of the motor and compressor. In addition, any Sure-Start soft starter automatically optimizes motor and compressor starting currents without any user interface, and it is easy to install.

Wiring Schematics


External Wiring

SureStart Wiring Diagram

To install SureStart, please confirm the wiring position of the compressor’s S\C\R wires sequence. The wiring of the compressor without the SureStart soft starter is shown in Fig.1. As shown in the diagram above, “C” is the common terminal, “S” is the start terminal, and “R” represents the run terminal. “C” is directly connected to theT1 (23) port of contactor. “S” and “R” are connected to the “H” and “C” ports of the dual run capacitor, respectively. Meanwhile, “R” should be connected to the T2 port (21) of the contactor, where “H” and “C” are the starting capacitor ports of the compressor, and “C” and “F” are the starting capacitor ports of the external fan.

The wiring diagram with the SureStart soft starter installed is shown in Fig.2. As shown in the diagram, the common terminal “C” of the compressor has not changed its wiring position; only the wiring of the running terminal “R” has been changed. It is not difficult to find that the running terminal “R” of the compressor is directly connected to the “RUN WINDING” of SureStart, the “T2” (21) of the contactor is connected to the “ACTIVE” of SureStart, and the “T2” (21) of the contactor is removed from the connection to the “C” of the compressor start capacitor simultaneously. In addition, the “RUN CAPACITOR” and “START WINGING” of SureStart is separately connected to the “C” and “H” terminal of the compressor start capacitor, and “H” is connected to the start terminal “S” of the compressor. In the end, connect the “COMPRESSOR COMMON” of SureStart to the “T1” (23) terminal of the contactor; in other words, connect it to the common terminal “C” of the compressor. Then, the entire installation of the SureStart soft starter is done.


  • Please confirm the wiring position of “R” and “C”. “R” and “C” may be connected to the contactor’s T1 or T2. Therefore, please check the wiring schematic diagram of the compressor carefully to confirm the connection between “R” and “C”. Otherwise, it is easy to make a faulty connection, which will issue abnormal work to the compressor.
  • If there is no wiring schematic diagram for the compressor, please use the ohm range of the multimeter to confirm which are the port “S”, “C”, and “R”. Please measure the resistance of the ports “S”, “C”, and “R”, respectively. The group with the highest resistance is “S” and “R”, and the remaining one is the common port “C”. Then, measuring with “C” and the other two ports, the running terminal “R” is the least resistance port.

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