Sep 05, 2022

US Navy aims for 100% carbon-free electricity by 2030

US Navy aims for 100% carbon-free electricity by 2030

By William Driscoll | Sep 05, 2022 | Pageviews:219
When the electricity consumption is greater than the energy generated, the missing part of the energy will come from the battery storage, so the energy stored in the battery will drop.

“Climate change is one of the most destabilizing forces of our time, exacerbating other national security concerns and posing serious readiness challenges,” said Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro, in announcing the target.


The United States Department of the Navy announced it will make progress toward achieving 100% carbon pollution-free electricity by 2030, with at least half of that from locally supplied clean energy. By 2035, the US Navy and Marine Corps will aim for 100% zero-emission vehicles, including 100% zero-emission light-duty vehicles by 2027.

The Department committed to ensure continuity of operations of critical missions by deploying cyber-secure microgrids or comparable resilience technologies that combine carbon-free generation and long-duration battery storage.

A 90-day planning process will establish how to meet the targets.


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