What a Week it’s been at NAHB IBS 2023

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Nearly 70,000 people made the 2023 NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) the biggest IBS since 2008. POMCube is thrilled to see our energy storage solutions receiving enormous attention at the show.

POMCube Booth NAHB IBS-2023
POMCube Booth NAHB IBS-2023

It’s been an incredible opportunity to explore new solutions, exchange ideas, and discover new technologies with many attendees. We are grateful to @NAHBhome for making the show possible and allowing us to connect with so many industry professionals and enthusiasts.

POMCube at NAHB IBS 2023
POMCube at NAHB IBS 2023
POMCube iCAN NetZero+ at IBS
POMCube iCAN NetZero+ at IBS

The iCAN® Fridge UPS, an intelligent device demonstrated at the show, is an intelligent device provides power backup for refrigerators to keep your food fresh during power outages. The ToU Arbitrage feature uses stored energy during peak hours and automatically charges during off-peak hours, saving you money on electricity bills. It was a wise decision to first showcase it at IBS, and it caught a lot of eyeballs. We believe this will be a market-leading product. It is now undergoing final optimization and will be available on Kickstarter in May. Subscribe to our newsletter at the foot of the page to get the latest information about the iCAN® Fridge UPS project on Kickstarter and the early bird discount.

POMCube iCAN® Fridge UPS at IBS
POMCube iCAN® Fridge UPS at IBS

Thank you to all our visitors for stopping by BOOTH W2220, West Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center, to learn more about our innovative energy storage solutions. We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did and look forward to continuing the conversation.

POMCube at IBS 2023
POMCube at IBS 2023

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Innovative in-house R&D

Development of every component for a battery storage system, excluding battery cells, through in-house R&D engineers.

High-powered Battery

Enhancing Conversion Efficiency through the Use of High-Voltage Battery Systems (400V or higher)

Technological Advancements

Exploration Cost-Reducing Inverter Technologies, such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN).

Direct Consumer Access

Streamlining the Consumer-to-Factory Connection to Make Distributed Energy Resources (DER) More Accessible and Affordable

Leading storage foundry

Pursuing a Vision of Being a Leading Provider of solar energy Storage Systems and Driving Down Energy Costs for a Rapid Shift to a Carbon-Free Energy Landscape.

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Integration of PCS, BMS, EMS, IoT platforms, and cloud-based OSS for Solar Battery and Energy Storage system.

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